The Platinum Business Awards 2019 which was formerly known as the SME Recognition Award, holds an annual event which is organized by the SME Association of Malaysia.  Semasa Services Sdn. Bhd. is proud to be one of the SMEs that was pleasantly granted the SME Rising Star Award which gave us the right motivation to start off the new year and reach further into greater success.

As one of the earliest awards made for distinguished SMEs in Malaysia, the Platinum Business Award offers a pronounced platform for its winners. By being an award with such a remarkable presence, PBA has obtained extensive recognition among the SMEs in Malaysia, the many players in the business industry and even in the public sector. This acts as a clear proof of the platform it provides to benchmark the quality and the services offered by the winners. Winning the Platinum Business Award has also offered Semasa Services Sdn. Bhd. the benefit of enhancing the brand image that the organization is currently attempting to enhance in the market.

We are proud to be winners of the Platinum Business Award as we are assured of the integrity and quality that is closely accompanied to the Platinum Business Awards

ISO 41001 : 2018

ISO 41001 is the latest international standard for a Facility Management (FM) system which recognises its recipient as an organization complying to efficient standards in the FM industry. It provides a framework to develop, implement and maintain effective facilities management across different sectors.

ISO 41001 raises the profile of facility management as a profession and recognizes the value it delivers as part of the organizations strategic direction. ISO 41001 provides a systematic approach, which requires you to continually review your service delivery and assets to ensure effective operations, minimize unnecessary cost and derive tangible value for business. ISO 41001 is based on the ISO high level structure (HLS) that brings a common framework to all management systems. 

Semasa Services Sdn Bhd is proud to declare that it has been awarded the quality standard of ISO 41004 : 2018, making it the first company in Malaysia to receive such recognition in the industry of Facilities Management. Despite the contesting participants having impressive names in the industry, Semasa Services Sdn Bhd has proven its right to be on top of the industry by being the only one selected in the nation to receive such recognition.


The Golden Bull Award has been around since the year 2013. Relishing in its prestigious reputation, the Golden Bull Award has driven various businesses by granting its recognition towards successful corporations.

The Golden Bull Award is aimed for the purpose to serve as an operative platform to up and coming businesses inclusive of SMEs and corporates in motivating them to strive for greater excellence.

Previous recipients of the Golden Bull Award has turned into industry leaders and listed entities. They have mostly become excellent examples of what the Golden Bull Award represents, namely strength and growth.

Semasa Services Sdn. Bhd. was awarded the Golden Bull Award which has now portrayed true indication of its excellence in providing its services. The Award has been a strong point of conversation in conveying the efficiency within the operations behind Semasa Services Sdn. Bhd. Being proud recipients of the Award, Semasa Services Sdn. Bhd. has taken this recognition to drive ourselves forward in propelling our company further into greater success.


THE 100 MOST INFLUENTIAL YOUNG ENTREPRENEURS (The 100 MIYE) is known to acknowledge creative, bold and innovate young individuals who has made a name for themselves as Malaysian Entrepreneurs. 

Accompanied with an extensive media coverage via the 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs Gala Dinner and the annual publication of an exclusive coffee table book, this brilliant initiative by Entrepreneur Insight aims to encourage Malaysian Entrepreneurs by displaying charismatic quality of young industry players in various fields.

Semasa Services Sdn. Bhd. is proud for the achievement of our very own Managing Director, Syed Faizal who was accurately chosen as one of the recipients of the 100 Most Influential Young Entrepreneurs award. Being a motivated individual, he has driven the team to profitable directions without losing sight of his duty to prioritise his team members and upholding the concept of teamwork. Syed Faizal is a promised individual that will further lead the company into its many success in the future.

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