Semasa Services Sdn Bhd has been involved in multiple services to ensure a smooth operation within your buildings. We ensure that we bring about the best practices and deliver the most satisfying results to retain the trust and confidence of our clients.


In addition to that, with the recent national battle against Covid 19, Semasa Services Sdn Bhd has also been providing sanitization and disinfectant services to help secure your premise from the rapid spread of this dangerous infection. We use the best chemicals and advanced equipment to help sanitize your premise and ensure the optimization of your health.

As the spread of Covid 19 worldwide  , Semasa Services Sdn Bhd shall also persevere and continue to defend the nation by providing the best sanitation services to combat the wild spread of the virus.Trust in our sincerity ,our efficacy to protect you.

Our team at Semasa Services Sdn Bhd is ready to stand for the safety of the nation.We are prepared for the combat against Covid 19 !

3 steps method to ensure that we provide you with services of the highest quality by undertaking the best practices in the industry.

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