Semasa Services is now expanding our services to include the sanitization and disinfectant services that would help get your premises sanitised from the viral spread of coronavirus. The team is ready with state of the art equipment and powerful chemicals that would definitely bring you your much needed peace of mind at these trying times. Call us for a quotation and we would be more than happy to help you prepare yourself against one of the toughest battles of our nation!



We will start off the process by wiping down the surfaces of your furnitures. We’ll make sure to get every hook and nook and leave no stones unturned because that’s just how serious we are in protecting you against the disease! More than just our sincere effort, we come with powerful chemicals to wipe down your premises, we only use the best chemicals called the SANIFECT which is non-alcohol, toxic free and even environmentally safe. Talk about a solid protection! This chemical is made to be safe around pets and children in your premise.


After ensuring that all furniture are wiped with our impressive chemical, we continue on to use a high temperature heat steam to commence the steaming stage. This steaming process is not satisfying to watch, it is also highly effective. The heat steam is used to penetrate deep into surface pores and also helps to eliminate dirt, grease, residue, mold, bacteria, viruses and germs. Basically, you’ll at the end of the service, not only will your premise be protected, it would also be Crystal Clear!


The last stage would involve the steaming method. Straight out of pandemic movies, get ready for a real life show where our team will be using advanced equipment and SANIFECT to execute a fine spray misting around your premise. This would act as a final precautionary measure to ensure that all general surfaces are covered with this powerful chemical to stop the viral spread of any potential virus and bacteria. Trust us, our team is very generous in ensuring that every part of your premise will be extensively covered to give you the best service!

Are you still at home worrying about the spread of COVID 19? Stop worrying, and start acting! Call us for a quotation and book your slots fast! With the economic restart, it is now or never for you to start putting up your guard and protect your loved ones! Be it commercial or residential, we do it all! Email us at if you're interested!

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